Vegan HOBO bag in Desert Paper Eco Leather by R&New

Introducing a large Vegan Hobo bag made with Paper Eco Leather from R&New. This Hobo style bag is perfect for carrying all of your daytime essentials in an eco friendly Italian design. You won't believe how beautiful this bag looks and feels. Laptop friendly: will fit up to 19 inch laptop

  • Height 39 cm (excluding handle)
  • Width 40 cm 
  • Depth 21 cm 
  • Shoulder handle 20 cm drop
  • Pockets: large internal area with 1 zipped pocket, 1 open pocket and removable zipped pouch
  • Magnetic closure. All metal hardware is nickel and chrome free
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Material is Paper Eco Leather. This environmentally friendly fabric is produced using recycled paper (up to 50%) to create a fabric that is very ressiliant, washable (up to 30’ Celsus) and also recyclable at end of life. The feel and look of the fabric is similar to vintage leather, however it can be ironed if a softer smooth look is preferred. The fabric is water resistant.

Sales Taxes/Local taxes not included in price for Non EU countries

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