Vegan Farmed Animal Sanctuaries

Here are some great Irish Vegan Animal Sanctuaries that really need your help. Donate or sponsor and SAVE A LIFE, not money!


Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary

Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary

Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary in Co Meath, Ireland, is a vegan home where farmed animals who have been rescued from the animal use industries, are given sanctuary for life. At Eden they are regarded with the dignity and respect that is their right.  We may be different species but we have equal fundamental rights not to be bred, owned, used, exploited, harmed or killed.

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Hearthstone veganic Sanctuary

Heartstone Veganic Sanctuary

Vegan organic farm sanctuary on 10 acres with 3 cows, 2 blind heifers, 3 bullocks, 2 Irish Cobs, 2 Shetland ponies, 6 sheep, 2 cats (and some strays), 2 Staffies, a hive of Irish Black Bees, orchard, veg, herb and young forest garden, and a girl.

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Back into Daylight

Back into Daylight Animal Sanctuary

We are a non-profit animal sanctuary in Eastern Ireland that is growing by the day. We rescue various animals such as wild animals, abused Animals , any animal in need of care such as caged hens to injured pets needing a new home. We also try to re-home animals into new and loving environments where possible.
We are a vegan sanctuary and we encourage people to protest against animal abuse (VEGO). We encourage people to speak out about the use and abuse of animals in the farming industry . Animals are bred for food and suffer immensely every day of their short lives.

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