About Us

Peryan Vegan was set up to make it easier to find high quality, certified vegan shoes and handbags.

We believe that we have a responsibility to ensure no animals or humans were harmed in the making of any products we sell. We offer a variety of styles and price points, but we never compromise on quality and only work with Suppliers who can prove that their Supplychain is 100% Vegan and that all products are ethically made. 

Now you can find beautiful handcrafted shoes and handbags from carefully selected cruelty free, sustainable suppliers all in one location.

All items are 100% certified vegan

Environmental Policy

When choosing suppliers and products we look for environmentally progressive materials and production processes. We believe it is important not only to be Vegan but also to protect this amazing planet we live on. You will find no PVC or toxic materials in our range. Certification is important and is called out in the product descriptions so you can be assured that we don't just claim to be ecofriendly.

Our packaging materials are recyclable and many including the green shipping bags and packing pellets are made from recycled materials as well. The only item not recyclable is the clear document holder used to hold customs documentation, please remove this before recycling. To reduce waste we no longer include printed copies of orders or returns forms in your parcel. If you need to return something to us please follow the instructions on our site here

Our Suppliers

We only work with suppliers who support a 100% Vegan production process and Supplychain. That includes ensuring that any parent companies are also 100% Vegan, that way you never have to worry about supporting non Vegan company profits.


Alexandra K designs and makes one of a kind luxury Vegan handbags in Poland. They have never used any products such as skin, fur or feathers. All bags are made in Poland by skilled craftsmen, who receive decent wages for their work and work in a properly prepared conditions.


Bourgeois Boheme is an independent London-based footwear brand for men and women making state of the art luxury shoes completely free from animal-derived materials. The British-inspired, brand-exclusive styles are all artisan-made in Portugal from the finest eco-friendly Italian vegan leathers. With great attention to detail, BB champions slow fashion and redefines the perception of leather-free footwear.


This London based company features artwork from some of the world’s most progressive illustrators and contemporary designers. Animals are at the heart of our designs, so protecting them in any way we can is so important to us. Our 100% cruelty-free and animal-friendly vegan products ensure no animals are harmed or endangered in making any of our products. 


Ethletic products are made solely from resources of certified Fairtrade supply chains. The governing Fairtrade body ensures that premiums are received by participating producers and manufacturers every step of the way. Ethletic has also established its own fairtrade projects in the local communities where their production facilities are based. Ethletic products are made using only sustainable resources. While the Fairtrade system ensures that producers and manufacturers receive their fair share today, sustainability means that these agricultural areas maintain their economic potential for generations to come. Ethletic pays an additional premium of 15% of production cost to the families of workers employed in the production facilities. This money is independently administered and used primarily for health insurance, retirement benefits or to support local education. As well as being certified Fairtrade and Vegan, their operations are certified in accordance with BSCI, FLO, GOTS and FSC.



Nae is a Portuguese footwear brand with a vegan philosophy and concerned with environmental sustainability: works with alternative materials to leather such as cork, ecological microfibers, pineapple leaves and recycled plastic bottles. Nae does not use any animal products or manufactures footwear in places of human exploitation. All products are manufactured in Portugal.


NOAH offers fashionable, high-quality vegan shoes produced in limited numbers in Italy by small companies that guarantee fair working conditions. Our idea was to create exclusive Italian handcrafted footwear combining quality and style while respecting the environment, the animals and the human health. Our shoes express the traditional Italian style and the complete comfort of quality footwear. Thanks to the worker-friendly conditions and the use of vegan materials, the production of NOAH footwear leaves a social and eco-friendly mark.


R&NEW believe in an ethical and eco-sustainable fashion that respects people, animals and the environment. They believe in Italian craftsmanship with great attention to detail, combined with innovation and constant research. Every bag is made by hand in Italy with materials that are natural, recycled or minimum 90% recyclable. The brand is famous for its use of Apple Eco Leather and Paper Eco Leather.

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